3D Lenticular Profile


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Q1:What is lenticular printing?

it is common to hear people say "3D printing", when they are trying to describe a "lenticular printing" It's a powerful advertising tool. It has shown low cost and outstanding marketing results. It uses a lenticular plastic to produce images with the illusion of depth, movement and 3D.


Q2:Why make Lenticular Printing products?

- They capture the viewer's attention! - Increased "viewership". - Everyone who receives one of your lenticular promotional products will show it to a friend so you reach a much larger audience. - Greater ad retention.


Q3.What material the lenticular products made of?


We always use PP ,PET.TPU material for lenticular products. They are all eco-friendly plastic material. -Material PP, it's cheaper. It is widely use for flip lenticular products. -Material PET, it's more clearness than material PP, it is the best material for 3D lenticular products. And it's eco-friendly material.TPU is Flexible and soft .most use for patch


Q4 What effect of lenticular effect we can make?


We can do 3D effect, Flip effect, Morph effect, Animation effect, Zoom effect. (Reference picture on the below)


Q5 What artwork is necessary ?


The format of PSD, AI, CDR, HD image is OK. All the lenticular effect need the artwork with effect layers. If you want 3D effect, and the artwork don't with 3D layers, we can do 3D design with your artwork. It need design charge of 50 USD for per artwork.


Q6 How to get cheaper on a product?


The printing products include fixed cost(machine cost, labor cost,etc). So the quantity is bigger, the price is cheaper.